Resolución del Premio de la SEAEP al mejor trabajo de fin de máster en Evaluación Psicológica

Reunido el Jurado del Premio de la SEAEP al mejor trabajo de fin de máster en Evaluación Psicológica, éste ha decidido otorgar el premio al trabajo presentado por Marta Blanco García titulado:


Un resumen del mismo se puede encontrar [expand title=»aquí»]

Traffic accidents are a major problem both at national and global scales, given their immense cost in human lives. Accident dynamics include the road, the vehicle, and the driver, with the latter being responsible for up to 90% of the road accident rate. This makes the driver an essential target for road safety and accident prevention. This project aims to develop a psychometric test to assess five road behaviors closely related to traffic accidents, either because they promote them (driving impulsiveness and aggressiveness), because they help prevent them (driving agreeableness, and responsibility), or because of its ambiguous pattern depending on the chosen safety variable (driving neuroticism). To develop this questionnaire, the preliminary 60-item scale of the Driving Behavior Test (TCAV for its Spanish initials), is applied to a convenience non-representative sample (53,8% women, 46,2% men), at ages between 19 and 78 years old (X̅ =39,56; SD=15,032). This scale is subsequently analyzed considering its reliability and validity properties, which led to a final 50-item instrument with satisfactory psychometric values. Measuring driving behavior will allow the identification of potentially dangerous drivers and help to develop tailored interventions to maximize road safety.


El jurado ha valorado particularmente la calidad del mismo, así como su carácter innovador y su aplicabilidad. La ganadora ha sido acreedora al importe del premio, de 300€. !!Enhorabuena a Marta!!

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